Black Radiance 8 Pan Palette Swatches

So I saw a tweet about these new Black Radiance 8 pan palettes about 2 weeks ago and I ran off to find them.


black radiance 8 pan group final

Lucky I didn’t have any trouble finding them, thank God. Look familiar? Below is the Wet N Wild 8 pans, it seems that Black Radiance is their sister company. Who knew?

wet n wild 8pan

Swatches of the Wet N Wilds will be up next Monday.

 Posh Plum

posh plums close up


posh plums close up flash


posh plums 1st half swatch


posh plums 1st half swatch flash


posh plums 2nd half swatch


posh plums 2nd half swatch flash

Of course I picked Posh Plum up first because…. well look at it! It’s so girlie and pretty. All the colors have shimmer but the 3 mattes have the least in them. They all swatched pretty easily but the mattes needed an extra swipe. I thought she would be my favorite of the 3 but surprisingly it’s not. *gasp*

Downtown Browns

downtown browns close up


downtown browns close up flash


downtown browns 1st


downtown browns 1st flash


downtown browns 2nd


downtown browns 2nd flash

Downtown Browns is the most neutral of the 3, so if that’s your thing then this one is a must have for you. This one is mostly metallic with a couple of shimmers.  This palette was the easiest to swatch, it didn’t have any problems with any of the colors.

Urban Jungle

urban jungle close up


urban jungle close up flash


urban jungle 1st


urban jungle 1st flash


urban jungle 2nd


urban jungle 2nd flash

Urban Jungle is bea-u-ti-ful!  It’s the most unusual of the bunch. Most of the shades have a nice sheen and the last color is chalk full of shimmer. This palette is wonderfully pigmented. I was shocked at how much I like it.

I like all of the palettes but I could have passed on Downtown Browns simply because I’m not a neutral kind of gal. Even though Posh Plums is the prettiest, it’s the most dupeable. Urban Jungle is the best of the bunch, you got some nudes, some colors that pop and it’s not too wild where it’s inappropriate for a professional workplace. All the colors have shimmer in them but it’s not that noticeable in the mattes and metallics. All the eyeshadows are soft, pigmented and blend well. They are limited edition so hurry up and grab them!

Price: $7.99

Available: I found them at Walgreens but most have spotted them in Rite Aids. I would definitely call around before driving all around town.

Company Links: Website/ Facebook



  1. I saw posh plum and urban jungle in my walgreens a few weeks ago they were with the wet in wild 8 pans the only way they caught my attention was because we all know the three 8 pan palettes wnw wild has so I saw different colors and thought they were new, but anyways I didn’t buy them because I new they were 7 or 8 dollars and I was broke. But now seeking that the main one I wanted isn’t that pigmented maybe it was a good decision.

  2. Ooooh, I’ve been waiting to see there … why do they look so similar to the W&W one’s though? hmm. Anyway, nice swatches babe! Thanks for sharing xoxo

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