Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman Releases Her Cosmetics Line

Actress Tami Roman Announces 2013 ‘Spring Love’ Line of Lip Gloss and Nail Polish with an Exclusive Nail Polish by Daytime Talk Show Host Wendy Williams!

TR ‘Love Cosmetics’ Spring Line Comes in 20 Fabulous shades!

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The TR ‘Love’ Cosmetics line of custom nail polishes and lip-glosses will initially be available online at However, the line will also be made available in the upcoming months to retailers.

Just in time for Valentines Day, Actress and Reality Personality Tami Roman has announced the launch of her Spring 2013 Nail Polish and Lip Gloss line, “Spring Love” by TR ‘Love’ Cosmetics with an exclusive custom nail polish shade called “#WERK” with daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams!

Sold as a duo, for an affordable $19.95, TR “Love” Cosmetics lip-gloss has an exquisite wand that lights up your lips! The gloss also includes a built-inside mirror so you can create the perfect pout in a dim lit venue, club, restaurant or just a night on the town! Each ‘Love’ cosmetics polish comes in a fashionable matte spring shade custom formulated for today’s woman.

Tami Roman, who has a special connection and absolute LOVE for lip-gloss and nail polish, fell on hard times years ago. Lip-gloss and a trip to the nail salon were the only ways Tami couldpamper herself during her financial hardships. It was her affinity for nailpolish and lip-gloss that prompted Tami to create TR ‘Love’ Cosmetics, so that women could indulge and pamper themselves too.

“I’m so excited that Wendy Williams and I collaborated on a special nail polish for her fans! Wendy exudes and embraces confidence, beauty and is the epitome of a hard working woman,” says Tami Roman. “I wanted to create an affordable and fun product that would make every woman feel gorgeous, sexy and confident.”

TR ‘LOVE’ cosmetics features a collection of 10 sultry shades of light up lip-glosses and 10 gorgeous matte friendly nail polishes that are made in the USA, healthy and free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. The items are sold as a duo in a sleek high glossy customized package with Roman’s image.

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